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Ice Wine Production

Ice Wine remains on the vine through the first freeze and is then hand picked.

Casa Larga is deeply rooted in heritage and tradition.  In staying true to these roots, we produce Ice Wine using the authentic methods of the German Eiswein techniques. 

  • Grapes are left on the vine through the standard harvest season until late December
  • In early October, the vines are covered with a net to deter birds from feasting on the grapes
  • Grapes are harvested when the grapes are frozen, typically around 18 degrees Fahrenheit.  

In doing so, we ensure that our Ice Wine is a very sweet and full-bodied dessert wine.

Grape Maturity

The grapes are left on the vine past harvest and into the frigid time of winter to reach maturity.  They are harvested typically in late December or early January when the temperature drops below freezing - typically around 18 degrees Fahrenheit.  The vines are not thinned, helping to maintain the high acidity. The risk involved with producing Ice Wine is high. The longer the grapes stay on the vine, the more prone they are to being damaged or consumed by animals. Weather also plays an important role in producing Ice Wine. Due to the concentration of fruit sugars, it takes a large amount of acreage to produce a small amount of Ice Wine.

Harvest and Pressing Techniques

The grapes are picked by hand and pressed using a hydraulic press. The syrupy juice trickles down the sides of the press and is gently delivered to a fermentation tank. This yields an extremely concentrated nectar that produces a sweet juice.


Cool fermentation is required to maintain a bright nose and beautiful aroma.


Casa Larga's Ice Wine is not blended. Currently, we produce a Cabernet Franc and a Vidal Ice Wine under the Fiori Delle Stelle ™ product line.


Our Ice Wines are bottled using our mechanical bottling line.  The product is labeled by hand and is sealed with a cork enclosure.

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