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Our Casa Larga Vineyard Manager and the Wine Making Team have created magic…again. They made a decision some years back to highlight the unique qualities that different oak woods impart on particular grapes, and in this case, the Chardonnay grape. They selected the highest quality Chardonnay vines in the vineyard because they were determined to be superior enough to create this very special limited production. The Vineyard Team then provided extra care to grapes produced by these pre-selected Chardonnay vines.

In 2007, the leaf and cluster thinning was completed to ensure the proper ripening to induce full flavors. When the time was right, the Vineyard Team picked these Chardonnay grapes from the same hectare, harvested them the same, and at the same time, and processed the grapes the same, but then…

used different types of new oak barrels for the aging process. The juice was fermented in the sur lies style and aged 15 months in these new American, French and Hungarian oak barrels in order to obtain an optimum and unique flavor profiles.

The results: only 50 cases of: 2007 American Oak Chardonnay, 2007 French Oak Chardonnay and 2007 Hungarian
Oak Chardonnay. This 3 bottle Gift Pack is only available in the Wine Shop. You won’t find this trio anywhere else.

French Oak Chardonnay

Aroma: Toast and buttery
notes with a hint of
menthol or eucalyptus.

Taste: Tangy citrus,
with hints of vanilla
and coconut, and a long creamy finish.
  Hungarian Oak Chardonnay

Aroma: Subdued toasted oak that opens up
wonderfully  after a few
minutes in the glass.

Taste: Green apple, with
a hint of smoke
and buttery finish.
  American Oak Chardonnay

Aroma: Wonderful butter,
caramel and toasty
bouquet, with just a
whisper of pineapple.

Taste: Butter and smoke,
medium bodied with an appetizing citrus/
grapefruit character in the finish.

Purchase this gift set this holiday season and see if your friends and family can match the individual wines to the correct oak.

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